Conceptual & Studies


Regardless of the stage of development, Maplin Engineering’s advanced multidisciplinary team will provide their skills and expertise to deliver accurate and effective advice and support the conceptualisation of a project.

Each of our clients receives high-quality customised feedback to ultimately allow them to achieve their target. This is accomplished through consultation and analysis, as we assess projects and their progress and create a detailed plan of base development.

Our business puts the clients first. With this in mind, we revolve around their objectives and form an outcome to fulfil their requests, by analysing and understanding their projects to the fullest.

Maplin Engineering also recognises the further development by various modelling tools and implements this to optimise success, by providing a precise visualisation of the projects to clients.

Our Capabilities

  • Strategy development
  • Concept assessment
  • Planning
  • Design

Apart from these, we offer feasibility studies. We aim to establish the technical, operational, and economic feasibility of projects. This enables us to provide further insight for our clients, from cost-effective solutions and location details to identifying and examining the risks that may entail.

While working on our feasibility studies, we analyse the project feasibility by undertaking site investigations and analyzing the current market and financials, with the ultimate aim to assess the viability of the project. Using this information, we compose an in-depth report, in which these can be implemented for the optimal success of the project.

Our feasibility studies expertise includes:

  • Economic and market analysis
  • Project analysis
  • Physical analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Estimates of investment and operating costs
  • Profitability assessment
  • Comparing process options
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