Civil, Architecture & Structure


It is not only crucial to provide high-quality service but also to tailor our service to customer’s requirements and project goals. Having said that, our experienced Civil, Structure and Architecture engineers deliver high-quality engineering services by adapting advanced software technologies.

Irrespective of project size, location or complexity, we fuse innovative design solutions to deliver project designs that improve quality, comfort and safety for users while maintaining a high level of sustainability, functionality and financial ease.

Maplin recognises the importance of the development and use of modelling tools and software, to provide optimal solutions for client’s success. Regardless of any challenges faced, we have the experience and expertise to produce detailed printed structures for projects, on time and within budget. This will provide clients with full clarity of what they can expect and restore their confidence.

Our structural engineering expertise creates the construction logic for projects. We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions while exploring the world of design and construction technology, allowing us to stay on top of the advancement of the engineering industry.

Our Capabilities

  • Evaluating logic and concept
  • Optimising structural efficiency
  • Exploration of first principles
  • Maximising the performance of frame, foundations and facades
  • Improving details
  • Testing solutions
  • Modular solutions
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